Grimes Defies Labels and Embraces AI Voice Cloning

Grimes champions AI-generated music, offering profit-sharing for successful tracks using her voice.

Grimes Defies Labels and Embraces AI Voice Cloning
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Major record labels have been attempting to combat the use of AI-generated voice tracks featuring well-known artists, but Grimes is taking a different approach.
Grimes’ controversial proposal - "I'll share 50% of royalties on any successful AI-generated song that utilizes my voice."

Grimes’ Proposal

In a Twitter post on Sunday night, Grimes stated, "I'll share 50% of royalties on any successful AI-generated song that utilizes my voice." She encouraged creators to use her voice without fear of legal repercussions, asserting that she has no label and no legal obligations.
At the moment, Grimes' tweet seems to be an intriguing late-night thought that could potentially evolve into something more substantial in the future. Grimes didn't provide extensive information on how such agreements would be structured, but mentioned that the profit-sharing arrangement could apply to "viral" or "super popular" tracks already in circulation featuring her voice.

Holly Plus

Grimes is not the only artist to welcome voice cloning and artificial intelligence technology. In 2021, experimental musician Holly Herndon introduced her own AI-generated voice, Holly Plus. Herndon permits users to submit audio files and receive a new version sung in her voice. However, only members of Herndon's decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) can profit from using the voice model.
AI-generated voice models based on an artist's recordings have become increasingly accessible, leading to a mix of peculiar, amusing, and somewhat unsettling outcomes. A song created using AI voice models of Drake and The Weeknd recently gained unexpected popularity, only to be swiftly removed from streaming platforms. Amid the viral surge of the track "Heart on My Sleeve," Universal Music Group released a strongly worded statement, asserting that training AI models on their artists' work constituted a copyright violation.

Voicify AI

As AI-generated music gains traction, platforms like Voicify AI are enabling creators to experiment with AI voice models, including those of famous artists. With evolving technology and artists like Grimes expressing a willingness to collaborate, the landscape of music creation is shifting, presenting new opportunities and challenges for artists, labels, and AI platforms alike.